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Commissioner grants Constitution Yards beer garden liquor license

Delaware Public Media


The contentious Constitution Yards beer garden on the Christina Riverfront is now officially open for business.

Delaware’s Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control granted the Wilmington beer garden a 2-year liquor license Tuesday. It had been operating on a temporary gathering permit since its opening in June.  

Some nearby homeowners contested the application for a liquor license. But many were in favor of it, according to Megan McGlinchey, acting director of the Riverfront Development Corporation, which is responsible for developing the Christina Riverfront.    

“There was a petition that was circulated and 130 residents right there in Justison Landing and Harlan Flats were in approval of it,” she said.   

The Yards, as it’s known, can hold between 300 and 400 people and stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.   

Opponents of the beer garden had expressed concerns about excessive traffic and noise, and a diminished quality of life. It's unclear if they will appeal the ruling or not. 

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