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Brandywine Creek State Park to host free campout

Delaware Public Media


Delaware families are trying their hand at the art of camping for the first time this weekend at the state's two-day Capital Campout.

The state will host nine families at the the two-day Delaware Capital Campout at Brandywine Creek State Park, starting Friday night.


It's a version of a national event that aims to get people interested in the outdoors. National Wildlife Federation President and former DNREC Secretary Collin O'Mara says Delaware parks have plenty to offer for kids who might spend too much time in front of screens.


"The more we expose kids to nature -- getting them on trails, getting them out hunting or fishing or birding or just playing under the stars -- the more we hope to instill a lifelong love of nature and really being active," he said. "So we're thrilled about the campout at the Brandywine -- we hope it kicks off a great summer of outdoor activities for Delaware kids across the state."


O'Mara will be among those attending this weekend's campout, and says he's an avid camper himself.


"The ability to actually kind of disconnect a little bit from the stress of day to day life and really just be in nature, whether it's on a water body or out in a field -- it really allows you to kind of connect again with, I think, what matters and what's important and kind of reconnect with family and friends in amazing settings," he says.

The camping gear company Coleman is donating equipment, food and youth fishing gear for the event.

This story previously stated that the campout was open to the public. In fact, it is limited to nine pre-registered families. Delaware Public Media apologizes for the error .

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