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Delaware Nature Society marks its 50th anniversary

The Delaware Nature Society celebrated its 50th anniversary at Wednesday night’s annual meeting.

The state’s affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation spent the meeting recognizing various individuals who had done significant work for the organization, from advancing science to expanding education and outreach.

In addition, NWF CEO and President and former DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara spoke at the event. His speech reflected on the organization’s history in influencing environmental policy in and beyond Delaware.

"When you think about the incredible legacy of the Coastal Zone Act, that would not have been possible without a strong advocacy push, fighting against industry that was led by the Delaware Nature Society," said O'Mara.  "It takes incredible executive leadership of Governor Peterson, but the ability to move things in Dover doesn’t happen unless you have people power.”

O’Mara also discussed the public’s waning interest in nature and the need to inspire people to invest in the outdoors, in order to make changes in Congress.

The Delaware Nature Society is currently engaged in such a campaign -- called the Clean Water Campaign -- focused on inspiring outdoor recreationists to be vocal about water quality.

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