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Project Pop-Up expands its footprint in First State

Delaware's Project Pop-Up is coming to new towns in the First State this year.


The economic development initiative that pairs early-stage small businesses with vacant properties will have sites to offer in Laurel, Seaford and Delaware City for the first time this year.

Property owners offer free rent for three months to help the chosen businesses get a bricks-and-mortar start.


"A good match is made by a prop owner that's in agreement that the type of business going into the space is appropriate and sustainable there, and the biz owner has a product or service that they feel is a good match for that community and that they'll be successful there," said Diane Laird with the Delaware’s Economic Development Office (DEDO).


Laird says the free rent and assistance from a small business advisor gives Project Pop-up participants a "running start."


She adds it's the fourth year for what's been a highly successful project so far.

13 of 14 previous pop-ups are still operating -- and nine are still in their pop-up spaces.


Past years have typically seen common types of businesses apply, and Laird hopes this year might bring some different types of applicants.


"Retailers that are ready to address the needs of outdoor sports. So Delaware City, Milford and Laurel each have some prime locations for outfitters, so we'd like to recruit for those particular spaces," said Laird.

Applications from businesses are due Monday, August 10th. You can learn more and see the full list of properties at DEDO's website.

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