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Chemours breaks ground on Discovery Hub at UD

Katie Peikes/Delaware Public Media

Chemours broke ground on its new state of the art science innovation center at University of Delaware’s STAR Campus.

The 312,000 square foot Chemours Discovery Hub carries a price tag of just over $150 million.

The Wilmington-based chemical company plans to use the space for scientific research and development, bringing in more than 300 scientists and technicians.

Chemours President and CEO Mark Vergnano acknowledges UD as one of the top chemical research institutions in the world, and says this partnership will produce cutting edge work.

“Really merge our knowledge together to try to create some new discoveries that perhaps never would have been created without this collaboration that’s about to happen,” said Vergnano.

And UD President Dennis Assanis adds the state will reap the benefits.

“We’re going to create the future of our state here, and we’re going to be a major force in the Mid-Atlantic region for jobs creation and for wealth generation for our society. So, we’re very excited,” said Assanis.

Chemours officials say one product they will work on at the new facility is their signature TiO2 pigment—a key ingredient in paints, plastics and laminates. The company also touts continued work on its new refrigerant, called opteon, which it says will take 300 million metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Chemours paid UD $4.6 million for a 25 year lease on the building.

Construction on the Chemours Discovery Hub is expected to be completed by 2020.

Katie Peikes contributed to this story.

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