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Addiction outreach web updates include personal stories, more provider resources

The state’s Department of Health and Social Services announced upgrades to its addiction outreach campaign Tuesday. launched in 2014 – intended as a go-to spot for education and resources on substance abuse and addiction.


“Whether you’re a family member or a prescriber – there’s also information about treatment resources available," said Dr. KarylRattay, Director of Delaware’s Division of Public Health.


But her department has worked over the last several months to make the website more user-friendly by adding videos of individuals living in recovery, adding more prevention information and more.


Several short videos highlighting personal stories, like that of Delaware resident Zach Phillips. He shared on camera what addiction looked like for him.



“The last time I took a drug, I was high for four days," Phillips said. "The time before that that I took one, I was high for four years. Literally, I took it and then I was high for four years nonstop. And that wasn’t my plan. I didn’t plan that, it was just kind of what happened.”


Feedback from healthcare providers has also been taken into consideration. Emily Knearl – in charge of health and risk communications – says the biggest update has been to the provider information tab, as health care providers face more pressure to screen for addiction.

“But it’s part of our responsibility of that to make sure we’re getting the evidence-based tools in the medical providers’ hands," Knearl said.


The new website also includes addiction screening tools, advice on how to speak to patients about addiction and more.



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