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DelDOT's new app tracks snow plows in stormy weather

Motorists wary of the snowfall this winter will have a way to track cleared roads before heading outside.

DelDOT demonstrated a new feature on its app on Wednesday called the Snow Plow Tracker. Through GPS sensor technology, it allows users to track the locations of the state’s 330 snow plows online and on mobile devices in real time.


DelDOT’s Transportation Management Center director Gene Donaldson  says this app will help keep the public informed during extreme weather events.


“What we’re trying to do here is let the residents and people in Delaware know that we are out there and know that we are working on it," said Donaldson. "That helps with reducing phone calls and so forth.”

Donaldson added that in the coming months, they will also release a new feature on the DelDOT app to track flooding on the roads.

DelDOT operations and maintenance director Mark Alexander says being able to see where the snow plows are at will help motorists know what shape the roads are in.

“If a storm’s ended and it’s been a day or so, and you see that we’re back on the local roads, you know we’re close to wrapping up. If it’s still snowing and we’re still on the primary roads, then we’re still at the beginning of our operations," said Alexander. So you’ll be able to make an evaluation of where we are in the process.”

Alexander also noted that the app doesn’t differentiate whether moving snow plows are plowing or just heading to its assigned location.

The Snow Plow Tracker costs over $22,000 to develop. It can be accessed on both iPhone and Android platforms.


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