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Delaware House sends gun storage legislation to Gov. Carney

Delaware Public Media

Legislation expanding the law that seeks to prevent children from getting access to loaded guns is heading to Gov. John Carney (D).

State Rep. Sean Lynn’s (D-Dover) legislation requires gun owners to properly store loaded firearms so children and people not allowed to have guns can’t access them.

But a Senate amendment shifts the burden of proof to the state to prove a gun wasn’t safely stored. Lynn says while he disagreed with adding the amendment, he still sees the bill as a step forward.

“So I still believe that the amendment weakens an otherwise strong bill, but half a loaf is better than none at all,” he said.

The legislation makes it a misdemeanor if a child or a prohibited person obtains a loaded firearm because the owner intentionally or recklessly leaves it accessible. It’s a more serious misdemeanor if the gun is used to commit a crime or injure or kill someone.

It’s likely to be the only gun control measure the General Assembly passes this year. Three Senate bills on gun control were not released from committee, despite the Senate president’s promise they would get a floor vote.

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