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Rep. Blunt Rochester joins push to renew funding for domestic abuse support programs

Delaware Public Media

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Delaware) is cosponsoring a bill to renew funding to support domestic abuse victims.


The Family Violence Prevention Services Act has been funneling federal dollars into domestic abuse programs since 1984.



Blunt Rochester is one of four bipartisan House sponsors looking to renew the more than $164 million the program spends each year.


Blunt-Rochester says these funds are vital to ensure the safety of victims forced to leave their home because of abuse.


“To have a place to go makes all the difference in the world. Some people stay in these bad, abusive relationships because they don’t have that support. They don’t have the counselling that it takes,” said Blunt Rochester.



She points to a statistic that nearly three in 10 women or one in 10 men experience physical violence or stalking from a partner.


“This has an impact on everything from mental health, to safety, to even the workplace. So one of the goals is to make sure that we are saving lives and helping to provide people with that safety net and that lifeline,” said Blunt Rochester.


The bill would continue support for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, as well as community shelters for domestic violence victims.


If passed, it would renew funding next fiscal year through 2023.