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Looking back on the Democratic National Convention

Wikimedia Commons

Democrats from around the country we’re in Philadelphia this week for the 2016 Democratic National Convention – a history-making event as Hillary Clinton became the first woman to top a major party presidential ticket.

The week started with some discord evident as some Bernie Sanders supporters expressed their displeasure over a primary process they believed was rigged against their candidate.  But as the week worn on high-profile speakers, such as President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and  Delaware’s own – Vice President Joe Biden – rallied delegates to Hillary Clinton and the campaign ahead against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The week also feature Delaware native Sarah McBride becoming the firstly openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention.

Delaware Public Media political reporter James Dawson and reporter Megan Pauly were in Philly all week providing coverage of the event from the Delaware perspective. They visited The Green to offer a look back and analysis.

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