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New slate of women-focused bills released in Dover

Delaware Public Media

Legislators released a trio of bills Wednesday they say will strengthen health care privacy and equal employment in the workforce for women.



One would forbid companies from refusing to hire or firing someone based on the type of birth control they use or their decision to have a family or an abortion.


Sen. Nicole Poore (D-New Castle), who sponsors that bill, says it shouldn’t be anyone’s decision but your own when it comes to handling your reproductive health.


“When you move forward and you say, ‘Okay I’m ready and it’s time and I’m ready to have that family,’ again, it should not be left up to an employer to determine whether or not that person should still have a job. Based on fertility solutions, you may be in a doctors office Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”


The two other bills would make it illegal for employers retaliating against workers for discussing their salaries or in regard to their caregiving responsibilities.

Legislators introduced a slate of 11 other bills focused on women’s issues last year -- seven of which have been signed into law.


These new proposals will be officially filed Thursday.

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