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Enlighten Me: UD unveils new cybersecurity suite

University of Delaware
UD's new cybersecurity suite

University of Delaware unveils a new cybersecurity suite this weekend, about a week after the world suffered its largest-ever ransomware attack.


Chase Cotton is a professor of computer engineering at University of Delaware who was instrumental in creating the new cybersecurity suite.

He says the new hands-on facility will prepare students for cybersecurity-related careers in the highly competitive sectors of finance, military or government.

“That want people who know more than the words and to be able to draw pictures on white boards. They want people who can actually sit down and do things.”

Cotton says about 15 percent of the students will pursue careers in security with the government or private industry.

The rest will most likely become programmers or engineers who create consumer software that needs to be secure from hackers.

The 4,500 square foot facility will include a collaboration hub and cyber range where students can practice cyber defense.

Cotton says this month’s ransomware attack underscores the growing need for cybersecurity professionals like the ones he’ll be training at the suite.

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