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Delaware Libraries partner with Literacy Delaware to boost digital literacy


The Delaware Division of Libraries is partnering with Literacy Delaware to launch a new digital literacy tool.

Delaware Libraries have provided internet access and assisted Delawareans with digital literacy skills since the 1990s.

The addition of Northstar Digital Literacy is its latest tool to help those turning to libraries to build their online skills


“So the Northstar Digital Literacy tool is a tool that provides assessments on digital literacy skills and also provides lots of training and assistance for individuals - especially with low (literacy) skills," says Annie Norman, State librarian and director of the Delaware Division of Libraries. "But it’s also a useful tool for everyone that wants some boost with digital literacy.” 

The tool is built to offer those assessments and tutorials in a way that people can work at their own pace. 

Norman says the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic downturn have brought more people to libraries seeking assistance with computer skills.


“Everytime there is a downturn in the economy, we see people coming out of the woodwork that need assistance. And we think - okay - everyone knows how to use a mouse now. And then we have another downturn in the economy and there’s more people that need assistance," said Norman. "It’s really kind of amazing. So, we help everybody that we can.”

Norman adds remote work during the coronavirus pandemic has also increased the need for digital assistance.  And she notes Northstar Digital Literacy, developed by Literacy Minnesota, is available remotely to help build those skills at the libraries website or the tool's own homepage.


Those needing additional help can also come to Delaware libraries for assistance.