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Delaware Headlines

Powerball to add a third weekly drawing


Delawareans can soon get another shot at winning Powerball.

Powerball is adding a third weekly drawing later this month.

Drawings are currently on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Delaware Lottery director Vernon Kirk says that changes on Monday, August 23.


The Game Group, which consists of all the 48 states that sell Powerball, made a decision to increase interest and possibly increase the sales - which we hope of course - and give players a chance to win prizes on an extra night - with an extra draw,” Kirk said.


Kirk says he hopes the move will help state lottery ticket sales continue their rebound.


"Jackpots drive the sales. And we haven’t had many large jackpots lately," said Kirk. "Sales had been declining and flattening even before COVID, and then COVID caused them to flatten a little bit more. Now they're bouncing back handsomely right now.”


Kirk notes the additional Powerball drawing will not change the game odds or set cash prizes.


Players will continue to choose five numbers from 1 to 69 and one Powerball number from 1 to 26.


Players can also continue to either pick their own numbers or use the quick pick option to have the computer randomly select their numbers.


Delaware was among the original 23 states playing Powerball when it launched in 1992. The First State has had 20 jackpot winners - the largest was $215 million in 2004. The last jackpot won in Delaware was $121.6 million in December 2016.


Powerball tickets are sold at over 650 licensed retailers throughout Delaware.