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State launches online renewal for drivers licenses, IDs

Delaware Public Media

Delaware drivers can now renew their licenses online, instead of going to the DMV and signing a paper in-person.

Long lines at the DMV and sometimes stressful waits – that’s something Delawareans can now avoid if they need to renew their license.

Online license renewal took effect Jan. 2. Department of Transportation Secretary Jennifer Cohan says state code previously required people to physically sign paperwork in person, which wasn’t always convenient for everyone.

“And the last couple of days has been a perfect example,” Cohan said. “While you were snowed in, you could go online and renew your driver's license or identification card in the comfort of your own home.”

Gov. John Carney (D) signed a bill last September - ending the in-person signature requirement to renewing their license. Cohan said the change modernizes the way residents interact with their government.

“What we were more [often] hearing is that ‘I can do my banking in the convenience in my home, why can’t I get other government services in the convenience of my home?’” Cohan said.

But residents won’t be able to completely avoid the DMV.

The Department of Homeland Security requires people to take a new license photo at the DMV every 16 years. 

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