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Gov. Carney puts new transporation legislation into gear

Nick Ciolino
Gov. Carney signs the bills into law.

Gov. John Carney signed three transportation bills into law Thursday

One of the new laws allows Delaware Department of Transportation authorized vehicles to use the shoulder to pass on the right when responding to an emergency—this, of course, includes police and ambulances.

The other two laws focus on vehicle registration and driver's licenses.

says the first extends the expiration date on vehicle registration for new cars.

“Right now, if you buy a new car you can buy registration for up to five years. That extends that to seven years,” said DelDOT Secretary Jennifer Cohan. “Vehicles are much more clean; much more fuel efficient now. So, it’s an added convenience to our customers. It keeps their trips to the DMV down. So overall efficiencies there.”

That law is expected to reduce the number of inspections per year by approximately 45,000 vehicles.

The other law allows Delaware motorists to sign their driver’s license digitally without pen and ink. “First of all, it’s 2017 and that’s kind of silly,” said Cohan. “We’re moving towards more online services. So online driver’s license renewal is something we’re working on right not. So this legislation was needed to be able to do the electronic signature so people can renew their driver’s license online.”

That’s expected to expand the DMV’s ability to offer services online, though a trip to the DMV will still be required to take a driver’s license photo.