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BVSPCA taking 22 dogs rescued from Puerto Rico


The Brandywine Valley SPCA is taking in 22 dogs and four cats rescued from Puerto Rico. The animals are coming from Vieques Island, part of the Puerto Rican archipelagos due east of the main island. Vieques was decimated by Hurricane Maria.

“Puerto Rico is still really suffering as far as infrastructure and getting supplies out to some of the more remote areas. The Islands around Puerto Rico that are actually part of that territory have even a more difficult challenge, because then it's not only getting things to Puerto Rico but getting things to the adjacent islands," said BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli.

The BVSPCA is part of the Human Society’s Emergency Placement Network, and has taken in nearly 200 pets this year rescued in the aftermath of Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey. All but four have been adopted.

The 26 new dogs and cats rescued from Puerto Rico are scheduled to arrive at the BVSPCA’s Georgetown campus Friday.

Torelli says even before the hurricane only 8% of animals came out of Puerto Rican shelters alive.

“So, there was already a critical need to help animals there, but now with the hurricane and families not being able to take care of their pets, there is a lot of pressure on the shelters to do whatever they can for the animals. So, we’re partnering with a couple of organizations to take in animals while we have some space to lend a hand,” said Torelli.

The BVSPCA is partnering with The Humane Society of the United States, Wings of Rescue and Animal Lifeline to transport the animals from Vieques to Georgetown.

Torelli says they’re mostly small to midsize dogs—some domestic and some stray—lots of terriers—all very well socialized and awaiting a new home in Delaware. She says

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