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Lewes wants input on how to use 66 acres of park land

The City of Lewes is looking for input on what else it can do with a stretch of land that’s home to a dog park and cross country trails. Lots of people walk their dogs in Great Marsh Park, but the park could eventually have other uses as well.


"The possibilities are endless but it really comes down to what the community wants. This isn’t a city-driven plan - it’s really a community driven plan," said Allison Kirk, the parks and marina manager for the city.


The public could ultimately decide they want the land to be more trails, areas for birding, or even a baseball field.


Kirk said the city has been leasing the land from the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control since 2006. As part of the lease, Lewes officials have to create a plan with public input.


Kirk said the city wants the public to come up with the best way to use the land - whether it’s for passive or active recreation.


"Passive recreation can include things like walking, hiking trails, birding, things don’t have a lot of impact. Active recreation are other items like baseball fields, soccer fields," Kirk said.


If residents like the land the way it is, it will stay the same, Kirk said.