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Delaware ACLU sues federal government for travel ban documents

Delaware Public Media

The ACLU of Delaware is suing the federal government this week to release communications between customs agents and the Trump Administration during rollout of the president's travel ban in January.  


ACLU chapters around the nation filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for those documents in early February.


But those requests fell on deaf ears, according to Delaware ACLU executive director Kathleen MacRae. So they’re suing. 



“What the lawsuit will do is order the federal government to comply with the FOIA requests and give us this information,” MacRae said. 


The Delaware chapter’s lawsuit is one of 13 cases filed by ACLU affiliates across the country Wednesday, covering every major airport and port of entry.


MacRae said the ACLU needs the communications to ensure people’s civil liberties weren’t being violated during implementation of the travel ban.


Trump’s original executive order in January restricted travel for people from seven majority-Muslim nations, but was quickly suspended by a judge.


A revised order in March reduced the number of countries to six but was also suspended.

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