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Low-digit tags up for grabs at DMV

Delaware Public Media

License plate enthusiasts are getting an early holiday gift from Delaware’s DMV.

The low-number tags can command a high price at auction, but at all four DMV locations on Monday, you can switch it with your old plate for a slew of fees.

You also must buy a black porcelain tag made by the Delaware Historic Plate company for $110.

DMV spokesman Mike Williams says they're first-come, first serve. 

“People don’t have a choice to pick what number they want. They do not get to look at a list and say, ‘I don’t want those, I want this one,’ and the numbers are spread randomly across the state," Williams said.

Anyone hoping to get a tag will have to pay a slew of fees and will need their license, title, vehicle mileage and insurance information ready.

Those leasing or paying off a vehicle can put a hold on a plate by having the lien holder mail their title to the DMV.

“If you have your title and you own your vehicle outright you can take possession of the five-digit plate the day you come in,” said Williams. “If you don’t have your title and you’re still paying off the loan for it you can take possession of your five-digit plate when that paperwork comes back.”

DMV doors open at 8 a.m. in Delaware City, Dover, Georgetown and Wilmington on Monday.