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Wilmington responds to aftermath of Tuesday's storm

Tuesday’s severe thunderstorm and high winds in New Castle County left parts of Wilmington in bad shape.

Over 14,000 people are still without power in New Castle County this afternoon, and city’s Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation crews are working to remove fallen trees and hazardous debris.

Citizens are urged to stay away from fallen trees and downed power lines, and also to avoid damaged areas when commuting.

The city is only removing trees on public property, says Alexandra Coppadge, Communication Director for Mayor Williams.


"The priorities for removal are getting trees off of downed wires to prevent any electrical hazard. Trees that are impeding roadways, or access to roadways, and trees that have fallen in the path of a driveway," she said.

She added that the 1700 block of Elm Street and the 1000 block of Madison Street saw road closures because of downed wires.

City officials are also asking that people not move fallen trees and branches out onto the street or sidewalk.