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The Green - June 12, 2015

The number of legislative days left before the General Assembly wraps up work for the year is quickly dwindling.  Delaware Public Media Political Reporter James Dawson visits The Green to recap what lawmakers were up to this week as the countdown to June 30th continues.

It’s been a contentious year in education in the First State with skirmishes on a bevy of issues. We talk to Frederika Jenner, head of the state’s largest teacher’s union about school testing, school funding and more.

We also look into the accuracy of the state’s rising high school graduation rate.

As soccer’s Women’s World Cup gets rolling, we examine one player safety concern that’s growing in the sport, visiting Univ. of Delaware researchers looking into headers and their connection to concussions and worse.  

And we get an update on what robotic drones are teach us about an endangered shark species.

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