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Delawareans urged to buy local Christmas trees



Grabbing a pre-wrapped Douglas fir from the nearest big box store may be an easy way to deck the halls.


But Delaware is urging you to think local when selecting a Christmas tree this year.

There’s no shortage of reasons to buy a Christmas tree from a local grower if you ask RoseannConlon, co-president of the Delaware Christmas Tree Growers Association and the owner of a Christmas tree farm.


But her favorite reason is getting in the Christmas spirit.


“One you find a farm and you’re pleased with what you get there. The likelihood is it will be a tradition that you continue for as long as your children are in your home,” Conlon said.


Conlon said she’s seen generations of the same family return to her farm every year. And you just don’t get that experience at the big box stores.


If getting in the Christmas spirit isn’t a good enough reason for you, maybe helping the environment is.


A one-acre tree farms creates a year’s supply of oxygen for eight people. Plus, their roots systems filter groundwater and prevent soil erosion.  


Conlon said buying from a local tree farm also supports agriculture jobs in Delaware.  


Find the Delaware Christmas Tree farm guide HERE.   


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