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Donut Dog comes to Frawley Stadium

Blue Rocks/Krispy Kreme

Fans of Wilmington’s minor league baseball team the Blue Rocks will now have a new dining option when they go to games: the donut dog.

"Donuts, hot dogs at a ballpark, combine the two, see how it tasted. I’ve not tried it, but everyone else said it was very good, and it kind of just got rolling from there," said Matt Janus, Wilmington Blue Rocks play-by play announcer and team spokesman.

He says there are now two varieties of this new food creation: the original, a plain hot dog inside a glazed donut bun and a donut dog with bacon and raspberry jelly on top.  Fans will name that second option by offering suggestions in an online contest.

The new hotdog was a collaboration between the team’s director of ad sales and national donut giant Krispy Kreme.

The Blue Rocks is not the first team to try out something like this. The Arizona Diamondbacks premiered their own original concoction earlier -- the churro dog - which is basically a donut inside of donut and covered in whipped cream.

Janus adds that if you’re eating habits are more in line with Mr. Celery, not to worry, there will still be plenty of healthy options available at Frawley Stadium.