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CSC buys building on Wilmington's Riverfront

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware-based corporate branding company CSC has bought a new building on Wilmington’s growing Riverfront. 

CSC announced this week its purchase of the historic Pennsylvania Railroad Building on French Street next to the Wilmington Train Station.

This latest expansion comes just a few years after the company purchased a three story office building and built a new headquarters for its more than 1,200 employees just outside the city. 

CSC Vice President Scott Malfitano says now the company is looking to invest in the rebirth of Wilmington by adding a new location to bring clients to do business. 

“We need a destination spot, because we’re bringing in people from around the country and around the globe to Delaware, and we think it would be a great spot, in Wilmington specifically, that we could bring our teams together to work on special projects,” said Malfitano.    

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki applauds CSC leadership for the investment in the city.

“I think it speaks to their sense of community; their commitment to our state that they wanted to move into the city as well and participate in the economic growth of Wilmington,” said Purzycki.    

Malfitano says the company is planning a multi-million-dollar renovation to the six-floor, 43,000-square-foot structure. 

He says construction will start later this month to gut the first two floors to make a new space for work and events, including a new atrium, offices and upgrades to equipment.

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