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CSC is adding 80 new IT jobs in Delaware

Courtesy: CSC
CSC Headquarters

One of the nation’s oldest legal-service businesses, CSC, is adding 80 new IT jobs in Delaware.

The Greenville-based company files legal documents, provides tax software, and manages domain names for large corporations—both domestically and around the world. CSC opened its new corporate headquarters in Wilmington last year, and company officials say the majority of the 80 new jobs will be based there.

“Technology is a core part of the way we run internally from a service perspective,” said Executive Vice President of Technology EJ Dealy on the company’s shift from service to tech-based business. “It’s also a key component of the way we communicate and collaborate with our customers all around the world. Technology is core to everything that we do.”

CSC is looking for candidates with a diverse technology resume. Internet security is a company priority in the wake of recent world events.

“Cyber security is a key area for us. We’re working with 90% of the fortune 500, and so it’s a big focus for them, but it’s obviously a focus for us, because we’re maintaining a lot of their critical data that they use in their business,” said Dealy.

CSC has grown in recent years, both organically and through acquisition. This includes an expansion to Europe announced earlier this month. CSC is an underwriter for Delaware Public Media.

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