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Local Christmas tree farm bucks trend of rising prices

Joe Irizarry
Delaware Public Media

Christmas tree prices are rising around the nation for a variety of reasons, including demand.

But one local tree farm does not expect to see that trend here.

While states like North Carolina have seen inclement weather and disease stunt harvests at tree farms, Coleman’s Tree Farm in Middletown says it has a healthy supply, and prices are not higher than previous years.

"Our basic prices the same as last year but some of the trees the cut trees are priced according to size and quality and all that kind of stuff, but our trees in the field are the same price as last year, so we've managed to get around the price increase here.," said Jack Coleman. who co-owns Coleman’s Tree with his wife Debbie.

And Coleman adds that a later than usual Black Friday is not expected to put a dent business this holiday season.

"Black Friday is usually one of our busiest days. That's when we normally open, but because this season was so late we opened last weekend and we had some customers, but not a lot," said Coleman. "I think they're all waiting to come out on Black Friday and the weekend, it will be a mob scene out here."

Coleman notes an extra benefit to his farm is that it’s a destination for many families. Besides picking out Christmas trees, Santa’s shop, the gift shop, the bake shop, the ice cream shop, and the playground will all be open.

He adds that the hayrides and parking are free at the farm.

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