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First State still feeling Harvey's impact on gas prices

Delaware Public Media

First State gas prices continue to spike in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.


AAA Mid-Atlantic says Harvey’s impact on Gulf Coast oil refinery production is pushing what motorists pay at pump even higher as the Labor Day weekend draws to a close.

The average price for a gallon of regular sat at $2.67 Sunday, up four cents from Saturday and a whopping 47 cents over the past week.

And reports fewer than a dozen stations statewide have a price below $2.54.

While the First State’s 47-cent increase over the past 7 days is the biggest spike in the region over the past week, it’s average price of $2.67 is still the lowest.

In the Philly area, a gallon of regular is averaging $2.86, up 32 cents in the past week.

Maryland residents are paying $2.7, an increase of 40 cents over this time a week ago.  And in South Jersey, the price is $2.68, a 39-cent bump.

The national average is $2.62, up 26 cents since Harvey hit Texas and the Gulf Coast just over a week ago.

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