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Christiana Care Health System is planning to start paying a $15 minimum wage.

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Christiana Care Health System is getting help from the state to start a new behavioral health pilot.

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Doctors from Christiana Care Health System say they’ve significantly reduced the number of opioids the hospital prescribes.

Christiana Care is following a grant-funded program from the University of Michigan called the Opioid Prescription Engagement Network, or OPEN.

Christiana Care Health System opened the state’s first epilepsy monitoring unit at its Christiana Hospital in Newark earlier this year.

And Delaware Public Media’s Nick Ciolino reports, it’s the only place in Delaware where doctors try to induce patients into having a seizure so they can make a diagnosis.

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In stroke care, time is of the essence to prevent a patient from rapidly losing brain cells.  


That’s why hospitals in the state coordinate to get patients to Christiana Care Health System in Newark — the only place in Delaware that can do a specialized procedure to surgically remove large blood clots.



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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Delaware and nationwide, which is why doctors at Christiana Care Health System are working towards new approaches to catch it in early stages and improve treatments.