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Sarah Mueller / Delaware Public Media

The state Senate Judicial Committee took public comment on legislation allowing more Delawareans to seal criminal records Wednesday.

Courtesy of Delaware Technical Community College

Legislation giving Delaware Tech the ability to finance deferred maintenance projects is heading to the House.

Milton Pratt / Delaware Public Media

State senators are expected to consider a new version of legislation helping Delaware Tech address deferred maintenance needs Tuesday.

An attempt by some lawmakers to give Delaware Tech bonding authority hit another roadblock this week.

Delaware Public Media

State lawmakers are considering legislation that could make it easier for more patients to qualify for Delaware’s medical cannabis program.

Legislation that would give Delaware’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote easily passed the state Senate Thursday.

House Democratic Caucus

Delaware is the 25th state to add an state Equal Rights Amendment to its Constitution.

Sarah Mueller / Delaware Public Media

Delaware now has a state Equal Rights Amendment. The 16-word amendment bars discrimination based on sex.

Sarah Mueller

A vote to suspend rules and bring legislation banning assault style weapons to the floor of the Delaware Senate failed Tuesday.

Sarah Mueller

The Delaware House passed a state Equal Rights Amendment a day after it was amended and approved by the state Senate.