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Arts Playlist: Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition showcases its ‘Nurture with Nature’ photography by breast cancer survivors

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
Photos from the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition's new exhibit

When the pandemic abruptly halted in-person events and activities, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s ‘Nurture with Nature’ program – which helps breast cancer survivors connect and reduce stress through nature – kept going by holding weekly photography challenges.

Those challenges continue and the photography submitted by survivors is now being shared in an exhibition at the Delaware Center for Horticulture.

In our latest Arts Playlist, Lois Wilkinson – Head of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s ‘Nurture with Nature’ program – joins Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele to tell us about the exhibit.

Lois Wilkinson of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition chats with Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele about the Coalition's new exhibit

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s “Nurture with Nature” program brings cancer survivors together in nature to reduce stress and connect with one another.

The group engages in monthly outings across the state to nature centers, gardens, and cultural centers.

But when the pandemic hit, togetherness had to take a different form.

Lois Wilkinson, Head of the “Nurture with Nature” program, got creative. She encouraged her network to continue to communicate and spend time outdoors through weekly photo challenges.

“So every week there were challenges. And all the ladies and men would take pictures and send them back to me, and then Mackenzie and Kate who work for us would take all of those and put them in collages. And then I would share the colleges with the survivors every week,” explained Wilkinson.

She says the challenge of having to find things in nature like unique leaves or trees made survivors in the program feel excited to spend time outdoors, despite having to do it alone.

“And then just started becoming aware of their surroundings and the beauty of nature. And then they just kept looking forward,” said Wilkinson. “I mean some of these ladies… If I forget to send them the email out on time they’ll email me ‘What is our challenge this week?’ They just can’t wait to get outside and start taking pictures.”

A handful of those photos are now on display at the Delaware Center for Horticulture through the end of February.

Prices for the prints range from $30 to $70, with proceeds going to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.

For more information about the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition or its
ongoing exhibit, visit for more information or upcoming events.

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