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Kuumba Academy launches a school-based health center

Kuumba Health Requests
Quinn Kirkpatrick
Delaware Public Media
Kuumba Academy students tell the school what they'd like to see from the health center.

Kuumba Academy recently launched a new, comprehensive school-based health center.

The center was built with the help of a $1.4 million Delaware Wraparound Services Initiative grant awarded by the Delaware Department of Education.

It’s a partnership with ChristianaCare, which operates a total of 21 school-based centers across the state.

Rita Landgraf is a former Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Secretary and a Community Education Building board member. She says a school-based wellness center will help improve student outcomes.

“We know how vital health is to everything that we do,” said Landgraf. “And it’s incredible when health comes to the students rather than the students having to seek out the health.”

The health center will provide students with a variety of services that can be accessed right at the school, including physical examinations, crisis intervention, and nutritional health.

Kuumba Medical Art
Quinn Kirkpatrick
Delaware Public Media

Kuumba Academy principal Ayanna Johnson says the history of racism in healthcare has led to a lack of trust. She hopes this new center will nurture a more positive relationship between students and the medical community at a young age.

“We start kindergarten here, we’re kindergarten through 8th grade, so starting here and building that relationship between a young child and a doctor, and seeing them as a support and help in their life journey, I think it’s just going to totally change our health outcomes as a community,” explained Johnson.

She adds that rather than delaying care due to distrust, students will hopefully feel comfortable getting both preventative care and going to the doctor when they’re experiencing any medical issues.

Students are encouraged to utilize all services provided by the health center, many of which are education-based, and aim to help students live a healthier lifestyle moving forward.

All services are free and confidential. For more information about ChristianaCare’s school-based health centers, including lists of specific services provided, visit