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Highmark partners with Google Cloud for 'Living Health' project

Delaware Public Media

A health insurance provider with a major presence in Delaware plans to leverage technology from Google to create new patient care possibilities.

Highmark announced its plan Thursday to launch a new model of care called ‘Living Health’ and a new partnership with Google Cloud to provide the technical infrastructure for that initiative.

Highmark Health President and COO Karen Hanlon says the goal is to overcome what is broken in the American healthcare system and completely change how patient-clinician relationships operate. 

“Imagine the convenience of having the same level of access and management over all aspects of your health all within just a few clicks, just as many of us enjoy when managing our personal finances today,” said Hanlon.    

Dr. Tony Farah is Chief Medical and Clinical Transformation Officer for Highmark. He says ‘Living Health’ is a personalized health plan telling a patient which drugs to take, which doctors to see and when and includes recommendations on physical, mental and social health.

“The personalized plan is distributed simultaneously to both the patient and out clinician through a digital experience that is tailored to each. Think about your Spotify or Apple Music selection. It is just like that,” said Farah.    

Farah notes users will have the freedom to choose how they engage with the plan.

Google Cloud will provide a digital platform that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics for this new project over the course of six-year partnership with Highmark.

Hanlon says the hope is to have a minimally viable digital product including an app in the next year and expand on the project from there.

Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield Delaware provides health insurance benefits for about 441,000 Delawareans and is the lone provider on the state’s health exchange.

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