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New tick found in Delaware

Centers for Disease Control
Asian longhorned tick

A new species of tick native to China has been found in the First State.

State Tick Biologist Lauren Maestas identified five Asian longhorned ticks in New Castle County in June. But there’s no reported instances of disease transmission from these ticks to humans.

Bill Meredith heads the Mosquito Control Section in the Division of Fish and Wildlife at the Department of Natural Resources. He said these ticks are known to swarm livestock and horses.

“(You're) probably aware of from North Carolina of heavy infestations on cows and cattle," he said. "I think in the North Carolina situation led to five of the cattle dying from just blood loss. I’ve seen reports of similar situations now in Virginia.”

Delaware is the 12th state to identify the Asian longhorned tick within its borders. People in Asia have reported feeling ill after being bitten by the ticks, but so far no harmful germs have been found.

The First State already has several tick species that do transmit diseases. Officials recommend wearing tick repellant and long sleeves to avoid tick bites - as well as checking for ticks after being outside.

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