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State website dedicated to disaster prep relaunches

The state's upgraded disaster management website PrepareDE is now up and running .


Delaware’s Community Emergency Response Teams Program Manager Marny McLee said the site is more user-friendly, with added health information on topics like Zika virus and the flu.




People should also find the  website more user-friendly -  easier to navigate with resources now available in many languages, McLee said.


“So those other folks in the state who speak a different language and not English as a first language, they can still get that preparedness message and be able to prepare themselves so they don’t have to have someone translate for them where they should go and what they should do," McLee said.


The goal, McLee said, is to make it easier for people to develop a family preparedness plan. He noted first responders can be more effective during a disaster when more people have their own response plan.


"We want everyone to have a preparedness plan," McLee said. "When that disaster comes, what is your plan? There’s a disaster in your area, do you need to leave your home? Do you have a plan for where you’re going to go? So you can go there and that’ll help you put your plan together."


McLee said he hopes the site will inspire more Delawareans to draft a preparedness plan in the case of an emergency and understand the benefits of having one.


The updated website is a combined project between Delaware Emergency Management Agency's Citizen Corps and the Public Health Preparedness Section.