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Independent party candidate challenges Sen. Coons in 2020

Oct 23, 2019

A Millsboro man is challenging the state’s junior U.S. senator for his seat.

Small businessman Mark Turley is launching a run against Sen. Chris Coons. He has no prior experience running for office.

Turley joined the Independent Party of Delaware after spending many years as a Republican. He said he watched Congressional Democrats and Republicans fight and get nothing done and he wondered if he couldn’t do a better job.

“I started investigating you know whether or not an average you know working class citizen could run for office in this country," he said. "I researched it and found out, yeah it’s not that difficult.”

He calls himself a problem solver.

“The people of this country deserve more from our legislators and I don’t think they’re getting it," he said. "So it would be my goal to try to get to the bottom of what are the major problems and what can we solve through legislation.”

Hurley has yet to set up a committee to raise money for his run. He said he’s still gearing up his campaign. He also doesn’t know which party he would caucus with if he were elected. Both independent senators currently in Congress caucus with the Democrats.

Coons has held his office since 2010. In 2014, he defeated Republican and Green Party challengers to retain his seat.