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Delaware Division of the Arts opens its 2021 grant application process

Dec 11, 2019

The Delaware Division of the Arts is accepting online applications for its next round of major arts programming and project grants.

The Division of the Arts has an annual cycle for its major grants with an application deadline of March, 2020 for the next fiscal year.

“So the applications that just opened up in December are for the State’s Fiscal Year 2021. The applications will be due on March 2nd of 2020; usually they’re due on March 1st - but March 1st falls on a Sunday, so we’re extending it to the 2nd,” said Division of the Arts director Paul Weagraff.


He says the agency offers funding to a wide array of programs.


“We have grants for arts organizations, for community-based organizations doing arts programming. We have education grants for artist’s residencies in schools, as well as arts organizations providing arts education services. We have grants for artists - such as fellowship grants - that has a different deadline - that’ll be coming up later in 2020,” said Weagraff.

Weagraff says there are also smaller grants available on a rolling deadline.

He says the funds not only support opportunities to experience the arts as an audience, but also cultivate artists creating those opportunities.

The state hands out an estimated $3.7 million in grants annually; for the next fiscal year it will be $2.9 million if level funding is approved for the current fiscal year.

Weagraff says the investment has a substantial economic impact, generating almost three times that amount in local and state revenues, while attracting tourists and creating work for local businesses. 

He adds in his 20-plus years in Delaware, state arts funding has been fairly stable.


More information on the grants and how to apply is available here.