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Delaware Division of the Arts to invest nearly $3 million in arts projects this year

Aug 11, 2019

The Delaware Division of the Arts has announced its first round of grants supporting First State arts projects in Fiscal Year 2020.

The Division of the Arts is investing nearly $3 million in more than 100 arts and community organizations serving Delawareans statewide.

“We have annually a round of grants that are awarded in several categories that support arts organizations, community-based organizations that are doing arts programming - as well as schools that are using the arts resources as a community to enhance and support their arts education initiatives,” said Paul Weagraff - the director of the Delaware Division of the Arts.

He says the 59 arts organizations receiving grant money plan to use it to support everything from opera to arts guilds and theatres.

And Weagraff points out the 25 community-based organizations funded will support high-needs communities, special populations and more, “Some of the more exciting programs that we have are some of the programs that work with young children; we have a grant this year that is going to the Ministry of Caring, that’s used for reading readiness programs for young children to help them in developing language skills prior to their learning how to read.”


Weagraff notes that another $700,000 will be handed out over the course of the year.


Weagraff adds that Delaware is fortunate to have elected leaders that recognize how these investments in the arts serves First State communities, schools and the local economy.

You can read more about the grants here.

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