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Sen. Carper touts Delaware's benefits from infrastructure bill

Roman Battaglia
Delaware Public Media

President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law Monday afternoon.

And Sen. Tom Carper says the First State can expect the $1.2 trillion dollar bill to boost infrastructure locally in multiple ways.

"The Delaware Department of Transportation is expected to receive almost $1.5 billion dollars over the next five years through something we call formula funding from the federal highway administration," said Carper. "That includes about $225 million over five years in dedicated bridge funding as well as nearly $18 million to build electric vehicle charging infrastructure."

Carper notes public transportation will see $220 million earmarked for trains and buses.

And he says the state will receive $100 million to help provide access to high-speed internet for those who are still without it.

"We're going to make sure that about one in 10 households in Delaware who still don't have internet connection are going to be able to access affordable high-speed internet," said Carper. "So kids trying to go to school from home, parents trying to work from home, and farmers will be able to do their work in agriculture are going to be able to have access to affordable high-speed internet."

Carper notes the bill also helps the state by creating jobs and directly addressing climate change and global warming.

He adds about $335 million will go to drinking water infrastructure including the cleanup of toxic chemicals in the water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.