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State Senate passes Grant-in-Aid and Bond Bills

Tom Byrne
Delaware Public Media

The Grant-in-Aid and Bond Bills are on their way to the Delaware House.  The State Senate passed both bills unanimously Thursday.

But, Bond Bill Committee Co-Chair State Senator David Sokola notes that piece of the state’s budget could be modified - if Congress gives states more latitude to spend COVID-19 relief funding.

“That’s my understanding - and it’s clear that other states have had to make significant cuts.  And, some are going to actually go back into special session to make further cuts,” Sokola said.  “So, that’s one of the reason why there’s such a broad push at the state level to get the feds to give us more flexibility or resources.” 

Sokola says that those modifications could come anytime between now and January.  The Bond Bill includes $708 million toward capital projects, including school construction.

Non-profits, volunteer fire companies and senior centers are set to receive $54.4 million from the Grant-in-Aid Bill. 

The bills failed in the State Senate Tuesday over Republican lawmakers concerns with receiving the bills late and lack of public input.