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Delaware Treasurer apologizes for misusing state-issued vehicle


State Treasurer Colleen Davis says she was unaware of a policy which did not allow her to drive her state-issued vehicle home.

Delaware’s Fleet Services’ policy does not allow state employees to take state-issued vehicles home, or use them for a purpose other than official business without approval from the fleet administrator.

Davis says she was never made aware of the policy when her office leased its Toyota Prius.

“It’s pretty clear when you rent a fleet vehicle in a one off event, but it’s when we have a leased vehicle that there’s a little bit more discovery that has to happen to make sure we’re doing all the right things,” said Davis.

Officials say Davis has taken the car to her house more than 30 times since getting it in May.

Asked if she did any driving around in the vehicle beyond that, she responded,“So right now that is something we are trying to determine based on my schedule and kind of a look back at utilization.”  

Davis released a statement Thursday apologizing and saying she plans to “rectify the issue both procedurally and financially.”

State code places the jurisdiction of misuse of state vehicles under Justice of the Peace Courts. Fines of up to $50 can be issued for each offense.

Davis makes more than $100,000 a year. She was also charged with driving on a suspended license shortly after being elected late last year.


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