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Kerri Harris sees new progressive interest in her U.S. Senate campaign

From Kerri Evelyn Harris' campaign Facebook page
Kerri Harris

Kerri Harris hopes to replicate the results of a U.S. House primary election in New York as she challenges Tom Carper  (D-Delaware) for his U.S. Senate seat.

Harris said she’s gotten $15,000 in donations from people across the U.S. since a New York progressive beat a party favorite in a recent congressional primary last week.

When Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley, The New York Times called her the 28-year-old Democratic Giant Slayer.

Harris said that like Ocasio-Cortez, she’s challenging an incumbent who’s not working in his constituents’ best interests.

“You know we have a saying here 'We’ll never out raise, but we’ll always out work,'" she said. "And for her particular campaign, she showed that that’s what really matters, having those conversations with the community. It’s letting them know their voices will be heard.”

Carper said the New York result reinforces his belief incumbents must demonstrate they care by spending time in the state talking to their constituents. He points to his recent participation in Fourth of July parades across Delaware.

“I am joined at the hip with the state of Delaware, the people of Delaware," he said. "Always have been, love serving them. And I appreciate the chance to serve. If they’d like for me to do that for a bit longer, I’m happy to do that and if they don’t, I’m happy to live with whatever decision they make up.”

Delaware’s primary election is Sept. 6th.

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