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Training to ramp up full sports betting in Delaware starts next week

Delaware Public Media

First State officials say there’s no legal obstacle in moving forward with offering full-scale sports betting.

Delaware’s Department of Finance and the Attorney General’s Office say a state law passed in 2008 allows various types of betting on pro and college teams, except those in Delaware.

Delaware was one of four states exempted from a 1992 federal ban on sports gambling.  Its narrow exception allowed the state to offer parlay betting on pro football. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that the federal ban is unconstitutional, opening the door to expand betting beyond parlays and pro football here.

But Finance Secretary Rick Geisenberger says that expansion will be limited to the state’s three casinos for now.

“Some significant reasons why it’s important to begin this at the casinos to look at everything like how the bets work, anti-laundering issues, know your customer issues,” he said.

Currently, parlay betting us allowed at the state's casinos and a group of over 100 bars, convenience stores and other retail outlets.

Geisenberger adds that training casino employees for expanded sports betting will start next week.

“Obviously what we want to make sure is that people are able to answer the questions that they get and are able to provide good service to customers that walk in the door,” he said.

Delaware hopes to start offering full-scale sports betting by the end of next month. Delaware lawmakers want to get their system up before New Jersey. The Asbury Park Press reports Monmouth Park Racetrack in New Jersey is delaying offering sports betting at the request of lawmakers there. It had planned to start this month.

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