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Delaware will see GOP primary in U.S. Senate race

Delaware Public Media

Delaware banker Gene Truono announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Tom Carper this week. He is set to face fellow Republican and Delaware business owner Chuck Boyce in a GOP primary this September.

Both Truono and Boyce tout their perspective as political outsiders compared to Sen. Carper, who they call a career politician.

“So it would be more difficult for him (Carper) to fully understand the impact of the regulations that he is passing and what those really mean to the business community,” said Boyce.

Truono says Carper has served the state well, but criticizes him for voting against the recent federal tax reform bill.

“I think this one major piece of legislation alone will start driving our economy, bringing back more jobs to this country, will help people get jobs,” said Truano.

Truono has worked for Wilmington Trust, Chase Bank and PayPal among other financial institutions. He says he opposes redundant regulations on the financial markets, citing the Dodd Frank Savings and Loan Bailout Bill as legislation he considers a failure.

“I believe that we should take the industries and the regulators and have them work together, as opposed to have the regulators develop laws and regulations that are not effective to solve the problems,” said Truono.

Boyce has also held corporate positions and critiques federal regulations.

“I have seen firsthand how the burdensome government regulations have done a disservice to our small business community,” said Boyce.

Truono and Boyce already have a debate planned for February 26th at the Bethany Beach Library.

Kerri Harris is challenging Carper for the Democratic nomination in September’s primary election.