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State Rep. Bolden donates childhood home as Black Caucus headquarters

Delaware’s Black Caucus now has its first official headquarters location in Wilmington. It’s State Representative Stephanie Bolden’s childhood home, which she donated to the group.


Bolden recalls growing up there during the 1950s and 60s when the East Side was a hub of diversity.  


“The lady that lived next door to us was Polish, we had Mr. Harry who lived and worked at the corner store and was Jewish, we had Mike’s Sub Shop down the street that was Italian," Bolden said.


The 11th street site sits right across from Stubbs Elementary – and Bolden and others called the surrounding neighborhood a hub for Wilmington’s African American community.


Bolden said she fondly remembers bringing water to her father's band mates - in the East Side Liberty Band - as a girl.


“This is where all our teachers lived, our lawyers, our doctors – all at one time," Boldsen said. "And this is where we went to school and grew up.”


That’s why Bolden donated the home to the Delaware Black Caucus – which hopes it can be a help to their work.


Volunteers currently run the Black Caucus - mostly young people like University of Delaware graduate student Ashley Lewis, who's been helping coordinate meetings.


"Just keeping them abreast of the things that are going on, and thinking about what really matters to the black community and then being able to capitalize on all their [Black Caucus political leaders] different positions,"Lewis said.


Bolden hopes to work more closely with students like Lewis at this new headquarters.


“We’ll be out of here during the week working on different issues, and getting out letters and things like that," Bolden said. "We have to set up everything with the computers and all that other stuff we’re going to bring in.”

There’s a vacant home next door Bolden hopes to help the organization acquire – so eventually it can expand and accommodate full monthly meetings, currently held at the PAL Center.


Another Black Caucus location is planned to open next month in Dover.


Priorities for the advocacy group include education reform, prison reform and anti-discrimination.



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