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Poppiti says he's best suited to make Lt. Gov's offiice consequential

Ciro Poppito campaign

Ciro Poppiti believes his experience as New Castle County Register of Wills can help him be an effective Lt. Governor.

He says, like Lt. Governor,  Register of Wills has little defined authority, but he found a way to make it more consequential in at least one way.


“From that position I have been able to generate for New Castle County $2.4 million in new revenue," Poppiti said. "And I go back to the fact that it’s not the title and it’s really not the office, it’s the person that makes the difference in government.”


Poppiti says he raised that revenue by going back to the year 2000 and finding bills that weren’t paid to his office and collecting on many of them.


Poppiti isn't the only one who found the vacant Lt. Governor’s office attractive for taking a first stab at a statewide office.

He's one of six people are seeking the Democratic nomination in next month’s primary – and all six are new to running a statewide campaign.

That kind of crowded field prompted state Democratic Party chair John Daniello to send candidates in multiple races a letter last month asking them to consider if their campaigns are good for the party.  Daniello added there is no room for “vanity campaigns.”  

Poppiti says he’s running for the right reason.

“When I looked at running for this office, I said to myself ‘Is this about Ciro’s ego or do I have the skill set to actually make an impact?’  I know that I have the skill set to actually make an impact as Lt. Governor," said Poppiti. That’s why I’m running for the office ”


Poppiti wouldn’t discuss if he has ambitions beyond Lt. Governor – saying he’s focused on this primary first and then winning the job and proving he can do it before looking any further.

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