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Fines for texting while driving to double

Delaware Public Media


It’s about to get twice as expensive if you get caught texting while driving in Delaware.

Governor Jack Markell plans to sign a bill into law Wednesday that will double the fine for using your electronic communication device, AKA smartphone, while driving.

“We’re seeing an average of 150 accidents a year that are related to operating a cell phone, whether that’s voice, text or even video in some cases," according to Ken Grant of AAA Mid-Atlantic, which supports the legislation.

He hopes the increase in fines will discourage people from using a cell phone while driving.

Delaware State Police are writing 12,000 tickets a year for people using a cell phone while driving.

After the bill is signed into law the fine for your first offense will go from $50 to $100.


Your next offense will cost $200 and cap out at $300. You won’t get any points on your driving record for the first violation, but you will for any violation after that.  


The law applies to any driver who is talking, texting or otherwise using his cell phone while a vehicle is in motion.  

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