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Sanders' speech not enough to sway one delegate to Clinton

Wikimedia Commons
Bernie Sanders supporters at a rally in Phoenix, AZ in March

Coalescing around Hillary Clinton may be a tougher job for her campaign than it imagined despite a speech from Bernie Sanders urging his supporters to vote for her in November.

Even pleas from comedian Sarah Silverman and Bernie Sanders himself couldn’t sway some of Sanders most ardent backers, who punctuated speeches with a combination of cheers and boos Monday night.

Jeff Day, a 36-year-old Sanders delegate from Bear, describes almost feeling lost on the eve of Clinton becoming the official Democratic Party contender for president.

“We need something to fight for again because we have energy, we have determination and we have people, but we need something to fight for now because the person we were fighting for isn’t fighting anymore, but our ideas are still worth fighting for,” Day said.

Day says he wants to see action from Clinton and the Democratic Party instead of talking points, which he refers to as "lip service".

That could include standing up for bold ideas not widely accepted by the majority of politicians, though he didn't offer specifics.

“Hillary is not the candidate that stands up for some moral conviction that she has when everyone around her is saying no. She is the poll candidate, she is the focus group candidate,” he said.

Right now, Day is considering voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein though he’s worried that too big of an exodus of Democrats could lead to a Trump victory in November.

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