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Undocumented residents start applying for driver privilege cards

Courtesy of Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles



The First State started accepting applications for its new driver privilege cards last week, and state officials say a few dozen undocumented Delaware residents are already taking advantage.

A driver privilege card indicates a resident can legally drive, but it’s not a valid form of identification. Residents start the application process by submitting fingerprints to the state police. Then, they can make an appointment at a DMV location to take the written test for a learner’s permit. Depending on an individual’s availability, acquiring a driver privilege card can take a few weeks.

DMV spokesperson Mike Williams says between 40 and 50 people have started the application process at the State Bureau of Investigation. As of Monday, one person has acquired a permit.

Williams says he imagines there are more potential applicants out there, but believes they may be taking a wait and see approach.


“That’s how we expected it to be, a slow build for people. They might be really interested, but they want to see how people go through the process first.”

He also believes that some are waiting on someone they know to receive the card, so that that person can teach them how to drive.


A Pew Research Center study estimates that there are about 20,000 undocumented residents in Delaware.


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