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D.C. group targets Sen. Coons for shifting Iranian nuclear views

Delaware Public Media


With Congress’s summer recess coming to a close, Delaware’s two senators will soon have to choose if they support a proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

Lobbying against the deal is heating up in the First State as Sens. Carper and Coons weigh their decisions, with one internet ad targeting Coons specifically.

Funded by the conservative advocacy group Secure America Now, whose board members include presidential hopeful and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, It accuses him of supporting a deal "with a terrorist regime"


Coons had sharply criticized the deal during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in July, calling it “an agreement built on distrust.”


But in recent days, he has softened his tone, saying he still distrusts Iran, but notes “there are some real accomplishments in this deal,” in an interview with WBOC. His staff says he’ll announce his stance publicly next week at the University of Delaware.


Senior Sen. Tom Carper told Delaware Public Media earlier this month he was leaning towards supporting it, but he had not made a final decision. That call is expected to come at the end of the month.


More and more prominent Democrats have backed President Obama’s proposal in recent days, despite heavy lobbying from conservative groups and Israeli organizations.  


Republicans are pushing to pass a joint resolution against the deal, which Obama says he will veto. His Administration is trying to secure enough votes in the Senate and House to avoid such a veto override.

Congress reconvenes after Labor Day.


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